The Tatras – Bukowina Tatrzanska Commune – tourist trails

In the mountainous part of the commune there are 45 km of tourist trails which require 60 hours of intensive march to cover the whole distance with 9 km of climbs. In the Tatras tourists are served by mountain hostels in Roztoka, Dolina Pieciu Stawow, Morskie Oko and a catering pavilion on top of Mount Wlosienica. Tourists can get from Palenica Bialczanska to Morskie Oko by traditional highlander horse-drawn carts in summer and by sleighs in winter. Prices vary depending on season.

Everybody can find something interesting here. The unique top of Mount Mnich (Monk) frequently portrayed on postcards has the same meaning for the Poles as Mount Matterhorn for the Swiss, and Mount Dru for the French. For mountaineers it is a climbing feast. In the areas of Dolina Pieciu Stawow and Morskie Oko the commune offers 12 kilometers of mountain ridge and side spurs with approximately 600 climbing trails.

Unique diversity of the surface on the commune territory and the neighborhood of mountain peaks which reach 2500 meters asl. cause unusual weather extremities. Four weather levels in the mountains from cool to cold require tourists to be extremely well prepared. Even when going on short trips, tourists should take warm clothes, raincoats and umbrellas. Snow might remain in the mountains until early June and it might snow even in July.

(photo: Ela Nowobilska)

All these “disadvantages”, however, are compensated by wonderful opportunity of experiencing untouched nature. We highly recommend the following tourist trails:

  • From Wodogrzmoty (Waterfalls) to Dolina Pieciu Stawow (Valley of Five Ponds) – the visit in this valley will take approx. five hours, you can admire the biggest waterfall in Poland – Siklawa. For those in good shape, the valley offers attractive trails along the mountain ridges. One of them is “Orla Perc” (Eagle’s Path), a very difficult mountain trail which is recommended only to very experienced tourists. For your own safety it is advisable to take a map when going hiking and climbing in the mountains.
  • At Morskie Oko (Marine Eye Lake) you can choose from several alternatives. One of them is a walk to Czarny Staw (Black Pond). Not many tourists decide to climb the highest mountain in Poland – Mount Rysy. The trail is not as easy as it seems. Safety installations like chains and clamps discourage people who are not used to heights. You definitely need special mountaineering boots, you may also expect “queues” at the most difficult climbs. As the trip takes approx. 7 hours, you need to take equipment for the whole day including warm clothes, raincoats, flashlights and enough food and drink.
  • A walk to Dolinka za Mnichem (Little Valley Behind Monk) which takes a few hours in both directions could satisfy inexperienced tourists especially because you are very likely to meet marmots and chamois. More demanding tourists are recommended to climb the highest mountain pass in Poland – Szpiglasowa Przełecz, which is the link between Morskie Oko and Dolina Pieciu Stawow. You may end the trip at beautiful Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza (Waterfalls).
  • Mieguszowiecka Przelecz Pod Chlopkiem (mountain pass) – is a trip for researchers. At the bottom of Mieguszowiecki pot you can see a unique snow field – a patch of snow, a dozen-or-so-meter-thick lying there for 400 years. Researches on its “rings” provide more and more interesting information. Its cross section gives us information on the tragedy in Chernobyl as well as on unique species of plants from the XVIth century. Also the view from the pass over Morskie Oko is really unforgettable.
  • Trail to Dolina Pieciu Stawow via Swistowka – is the easiest route to this valley. The trail crosses the famous “Zleb Zandarmerii” (Gully of Gendarmerie), well-known for enormous avalanches descending to the road to Morskie Oko in winter. Therefore, in winter this trail is closed. You can end a few-hour walk with a descent via Roztoka Valley to Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza.
  • If you decide to take a walk from Palenica Bialczanska to Morskie Oko, you will also experience plenty of attractions. You must stop at Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza – three consecutive waterfalls, which can look especially great and dangerous in spring. A kilometer further you will have a beautiful view over the highest and most magnificent peak in the Tatras – Mount Gerlach… and within your grasp you will have a live encyclopedia of unique species of animals and plants. We won’t give you their names as you can find them in all school textbooks.
(photo: Paweł Murzyn)

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The Tatras – Bukowina Tatrzanska Commune – tourist trails

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